Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Time to go shopping

I'm beginning to subscribe to the theory that we have a sock monster in the house. We clean out rooms, shoes, the laundry room and still are short socks. I recently purchased a 10 pair pack of socks. When laundry was done and we split the washed socks up between the 3 of us girls, I got one pair, ONE! A total of 3 pairs went through...where did the other 7 pairs go? Obviously the sock monster struck again! I can hardly wait for summer when the kids wear flip-flops all the time...cause the socks are going to be mine then and I won't have to go to work with the same socks I had the day before. Bawahaha!

Anywho, my wonderful friend Tonna gave me this card the other day. I love it and am going to have to case it of course!! I love classy cards that look like they took forever, but are a snap to put together. And I just got the oval punch...sounds like just the chance for it to be broken in. *grin*

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