Friday, December 21, 2007

This is a direct case from a card I got from a secret sister a couple years back. I kept the card in the hopes of using it one day. Bought the set and it sat there on the shelf patiently waiting for me to remember that it was there. Waiting, waiting... Can you believe this is the first time this poor set has seen ink? It was a great easy card, did up 8 of them while watching a new Christmas show on tv. My kids are officially over Christmas shows now. We usually love watching all the old classic and some of the new ones (but I've noticed they are all becoming 2 hour soap shows... boy meets girl, trouble, fix it and happy ending...hello! what about Christmas?) but this year, the kids just haven't been into it. Last night my teen whined about having to watch The Santa Claus....'but we saw it last year' , ah, yeah...we watch it about once a year. Ah well. Hope that you and yours are having a great holiday season.

Card deets: set Trees Three, cardstock used baroque burgundy or whatever the current one is, night of navy, inks: craft white/ silver embossing for seal, and versa mark, cranberry crisp ribbon.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The year of the Snowmen

This is another card that I cased. (if you know who...please let me know so I can give credit my poor brain is fried...I read through about 56 blogs daily and SCS). We went and did one of our Christmas traditions the other night.. driving around the area and looking at Christmas lights. Its so funny how some neighborhoods are Scrooges and others look like the yards have puked lights (and you wonder how much their power bill is) Everyone has their favorite yard they saw and we all have different opinions on what a decorated house is. (I've been fighting a losing battle on that front... my taste are a bit more conservative then the rest) I like the wreaths on the windows, clear lights...they like the vivid displays..the more the colorful the better and don't get me started about the blow ups. There is one house, we had to go past, because it doesn't matter what the season, they have blow ups for it..and not just a few...I think we counted around 48 in their yard (but we didn't have time to do an accurate count as we went by at 35mph) Anywho..hope you are enjoying your family traditions and having a great season!

Card deets: cardstock-old olive, real red, river rock, dashing dp, ink- black, markers real red and old olive, scallop punch, and dew drops Pointsietta

Christmas cards

Its official! I finished all my Christmas cards and mailed them out!! I'm so excited! This is the 1st year that I sent out all handmade ones. I always start out with then intention of sending out stamped cards and then never make enough and fall back on a boxed set for those unfortunate ones. ( I usually make it up to the "L" in the address book, so sorry to those of you who came after that letter all those years) But make a note...this day in history...something froze over..cause I got all my cards out and they are handstamped baby!!

Card deets: Real Red cardstock with Dashing dp, whispers white and old olive cardstock. Paper trey set, inks : palette, black brads, ticket corner punch, stickles, and pebble. Micheal's ribbon and hardware from a secret sister long ago.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I was reading through my list of morning blogs and in doing so got tagged! So without further ado:

7 things about me.

1. I can shake my eyes. Don't know how I got that trait, but passed it on to my kids.
2. Have been through too many natural disasters: example, earthquake, drought, flood, volcanic eruption, blizzard, tornado...
3. I hate shoes and try to be barefoot as much as possible.
4. Took 4 years of spanish and cannot roll my r's..there is actually something wrong with my tongue that doesn't allow me to do that..had it tested and everything.
5. Love fall and winter.. would much rather be cold then hot.
6. Am a fanatic about what kind of pop I drink. Love pepsi and barely tolerate coke. Actually did a taste testing as a teen and was able to identify 7 different colas.
7. Am left hand in only writing and eating, do everything else right handed. Was told that as a child my Mom tried to force me to be right handed and being the contrary kid I was became left handed because of that.

If you are reading this...consider yourself tagged! And tell 7 things about you on your blog.