Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Food (not for the faint at heart)

Here it is, the food. I have to admit I was impressed...this is the man who will go to Olive Garden and order the same dish. EVERY TIME! He did this in India also, went native, so to speak and mostly ate their food. What can I say, after 23 years, he still manages to amaze me!


Well, honey got back from China a few weeks ago. Sounds like it was a wild time! He found out that a friend that he hasn't seen in years was going to be there at the same time and they hooked up and caught up on everything. (we turned them onto Skype!) And he also ran into a guy he hasn't seen since he was in the military 20 years ago! How small a world is that?!? This building has the tallest observation tower in the world. There are glass floors at the top so you could look down...so not something I would do! I could get up there, but would avoid those like the plague!
At night everything was lit up. They were having a huge celebration on one of the weeks he was there. He ate, for the most part, native foods. There were several of the students that took him around to different restaurant's to sample the local fare.