Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My favorite season is fall. I love the crisp weather. Humidity finally breathes its last and the trees put on they're best colors. I just had to make this as I dreamed of cooler temperatures. sigh. The tab says, "give thanks", not sure if you can see it in the pic or not.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Where did the summer go? Where did all the wonderful lazy days disappear to? School for us starts up Aug. 6. Back into the fray we go. Ready for another crazy school year. Does anyone else wake up and realize they have been fastforwarded? I keep looking for the pause or rewind button, but so far no luck.
Thought I'd share a card I did Saturday. (before the storm and lightening fried the ethernet) I have long read Kendra Giles blog and decided to make a few cards on it, with what materials I have. She is such a talented person! Here's her link if you are interested:

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Wow! We had a serious thunderstorm go over! Fried the internet for a bit. Good news, got it fixed, bad news can't run both computers anymore. Dh trouble-shot the problem and will get the new part soon. So I didn't actually post this to SCS, but this was the acetate challenge and sketch rolled into one. I only had a salad lid that I could cut down (hey, it worked) for the acetate. I'm just glad that we made it threw the storm without anything else getting fried. It really gives you a fright when the house alarm and smoke detectors go off..you know the lightening hit really, really close!! : )

2 more quickies

Ok, I know I should have waited until I colored the main images, but I'm on a roll here! These were 2 quick halloween cards a friend and I made last week. I finally have a stamping buddy!! Its so much nicer to have someone to chat with while stamping. I'm more of a social butterfly in that respect. I'm such a bad hoarder. I've been trying to make myself use different sets and use up what I have. (snort, yah, right, like thats ever going to happen) Hope you enjoy. If I get around to coloring these soon (was waiting till I had a pile of coloring to do and do it in front of the tv) will replace. Hope you enjoy.

A fly by posting

I finally sat down and did something. Ok, so it was a quick easy something..that I cased..but that counts. My Big Sister (from SCS) sent me a beautiful card. I didn't have the set she used so I pulled out my papertrey set and used that instead. Also I love bling..so put some stickles on the dots of the lady bug. I will actually have more posts in the next week. I was home ill yesterday and cranked out a record amount of cards.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

See I can stamp

Here are a few things I did before we left for vacation. The butterfly was cased and changed a bit. The fathers day card was never sent (because I realized that I had forgotten to send out mothers day and didn't want anyone's feelings to be hurt.. I did call and talk on both days though). The good friends was an example of a set of 12 I did for a friend for her birthday. 3 different colors and different sayings on each. 2 cards of each type: like happy birthday, good friends, get well, etc.
I was hoping to get some done today, since its the perfect yucky day outside, but alas I woke up with hives. Blah!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Where did the time go?

June whizzed by in a blur of work, camps and trips to far away places . July started off with a family reunion in Oregon. This is a pic of our last night at the beach. Someday I really need to read the camera manual, but for now, I just get by. I haven't gotten the new SU catty, but am being a good little camper and being patient. (I have blantantly cheated and looked online, but its not the same as having in it your hot little hands) I have stamped in the period between the last entry and this, but have not taken any pictures.. shame on me. So hopefully after the laundry is caught up, I can get some stamping done! (and take pics to show) : )