Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stampers Block

Augh! That horrible disease has hit again. Stampers block... it always seems to happen after a scrapbooking weekend. I wonder if there is a link? Some cosmic tear in the universe? Many friends have looked at me strangely when I mention that I don't stamp in my scrapbooks. Let me preference that. I was a CM consultant for 7 years...so think tons of scrapbook stuff. I have collected stamps and stamping stuff since 1997. I usually crop at retreats. I would probably need a semi to transport my stuff if I combined. (insert eyes bulging out here...lol) Anywho, enough rambling about my codependent tendencies with my craft addiction, er, hobby. I found these cute guys when I was up in Washington state. I was so bummed, we went to a scrapbook store that always had the neat things we don't get here in outer siberia (not really siberia..just crafting siberia) and they acutally disappointed..except...they had these cute penguins. I almost didn't show these cards...I don't like them. Like I said...stampers block.

1 comment:

Acie said...

I love those lil penguins! The one with the ice lolly is to funny!

Its weird but some times i get a creative block if ive been around to much creativity! I think your head goes into over drive with to many ideas and nothing comes out.

Hope your back to stamping in no time.