Monday, June 9, 2008

May the blur be with you

Ok, after a long virus scan, rebooting and cursing the computers ancestry, we got the main computer up and running. So I'm starting with the blurriest picture first. Another victim of the kids. Did you ever notice that things are used up in proportion to amount of teenage girls in the house? I have a wonderful digital camera that is usually guarded carefully against such incursions from said teenagers, but alas in my dwindling years I forgot to put it away and they, in their youth, drained my batteries. When I downloaded it this morning I found that my normally sane teenagers had taken a boatload of funny faced pictures of themselves. That answers my question of why they were laughing hysterically in their room the other night after we had gone to bed. Silliness begets silliness. So this was the last picture I got out of my camera before it gave up the ghost. Well, battery ghost, they are currently getting their charge put back in and I am looking for a better hiding place for the camera. We went to see Kung Fu Panda. It was a cute, funny movie. A whole pod of teenagers went. Gaggle? Herd? I wonder what the appropriate designation for that would be, anywho, a large group of girls and boy and pimples went and laughed their heads off, and then as the credits were rolling the boys jumped up and started doing shadow figures on the screen. We laughed even harder as they did a improptu 2 minutes dialogue.

Card deets: Cardstock-sky blue, groovy guava, whisper white. Ink-sky blue, groovy guava. Stamps- Butterfly kisses (PTI) Accessories- ribbon, bling, scallop oval punch, CCS for oval.

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