Monday, January 26, 2009

A Moment of Silence

My dh, bless his heart, is a man of few needs.  He doesn't hunt, fish, watch car races, woodwork or golf.  His hobbies are simple and  few.  Yesterday we said goodbye to his baby, his refuge that when he got under foot and 3 women were on the rag at the same time and he needed a safe harbour from the raging hormones he would go and she would comfort him.  So please, a moment of silence in respect for the mourning. Her new owner seemed quite giddy to have her (and managed to lock himself out of her his drive home).  Hopefully in the future he will have another sweetheart like her, but it won't ever be the same as the first one. : )

Now onward:

  Here is the last of my Christmas cards that I sent out this last year.  There were actually 2 types of this card, the other had Santa on the front, same type, same colors, same Bat channel.  I had meant to post this way back when, but due to the problem of me having children and they not having their Christmas present of their own camera, my batteries where dead.  Again. Now glorious bliss, my camera can survive day after day without being subjected to a million shots for click happy teenagers and funny poses. And now another subject:

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