Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad, bad blogger am I.  What have I been doing? Not much stamping, I can tell you that.  I just started back in on it this last week.  Did I make a New Year's resolution this year? YUP! For the first time, yes.  And its one that I'm actually going to keep. (not that I have much choice in the matter)  The resolution was to declutter and dejunk my house.  Have to because we are moving and the house has to be 'staged' to sell in this current financial climate.  We started out going room by room.  Then when we hit the master bedroom (aka the junk drop room) we hit a major roadblock.  Did you know that if you leave receipts and records alone..they will mulitiply in proportion to the time left there?  We're talking 23 years of ALL receipts, checks, paystubs, bill receipts..dang it.. I kept everything!  (by the way, thanks Mom for that packrat gene) I'm on my 2nd shredder and am seriously considering having a big bon fire.  Ok, enough of my ranting and ravings.  The house actually is beginning to look better than it has in years and the decluttering is such a liberating experience.  On the craft front, I will have cards back up starting Monday.  I need to start dejunking that room this weekend.  But I have started to stamp again just to stay sane.  See y'all Monday.

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