Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I finally got my issues settled with my photos. Yes! Anyway, do y'all remember the last musical that Fred Astaire was in? Finian's Rainbow. Well in it, they sang a song that had a lot of begats.. so:
It all started with this example...so I had to try it, made it smaller and changed the saying on the circle. Then is morphed into: Then, I had these cute Halloween brads that I found at Michael's at all places and had to try out.

It then morphed into:

By now, I was having too much fun with the card layout.
Well, that led to try out the winter brads and led to this! And of course I had to put stickles on it too!

One card begat another and another. Let's hope the madness never stops. On a good note, I did get to try out several of my new Riley's (grin)

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Lynn said...

These are all adorable cards!!!
This layout works fantastic on each card, but everyone of them looks different! Love the embossing too!