Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Few days later and a few dollars short

Ya ever wake up and realize you forgot what week it is? Not just a day off, but a week? lol This week seems to have fallen into that catagory. VSN was this weekend on SCS and I had lofty dreams of participating..craft room and surfaces cleaned up ready to go.. list checked and rechecked to make sure I had everything. Friday arrives..and company. No problem, I checked the challenges before I went to bed, made a note of the ones that I could try. Saturday exploded in a frenzy. Did I even get to see the challenges for Saturday..nope. So Sunday hit and I figured I'd find some time. Wrong again. Its now Tuesday and my poor stamps sit abondoned in their cushioned finery waiting for someone to put use to them. I'm sorry to say it probably won't happen this week either. We are heading out to Indiana for a nieces wedding and staying for a few days to visit family. Augh!! Where, when, how..where am I? Ok, so I'm done rambling.. I'm posting another card from eons ago. Actually made about 6 different sets of this using general sentiments and different colors. Gotta use up that paper somehow.

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