Thursday, September 6, 2007

Copy cat change

So I was looking through the new uploads at SCS the other day, leaving remarks and marking cards that I wanted to try and came across a cute card.
I love how things can be changed around when you don't have all the materials to strictly case it exactly. Did I have the flower trio punch..nope, but had a punch from CM from years ago. Did I have the new paper.. nope, but again, had some paper from years back that worked. Did I have the right circle punch? Nope, so I turned the image sideways. Maybe this is not something exciting for you, but I love seeing a great idea and being able to do justice to it. I guess the little things in life do excite me.

As to the rest of life, we still don't have a dishwasher. Its so sad, I have just not had the time to go price them. As soon as we get back from math class today, I have to go into a frenzy of dishwashing and cleaning to get ready for the invasion today of preteens.

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