Friday, August 31, 2007

Last one..promise

Ok, so I had to show just one more from this set. My week went like this: work, teach school, work, teach school, run kids to different activities, dentist, pharmacy, work, teach school, laundry, dishes ( our dishwasher broke) after every meal, etc. Weekends are my time to hopefully stamp enough for the week to show, or set up several projects that only require a few moments here and there to finish. So I cheated this week (since I didn't make it upstairs to stamp much other than swaps) and showed y'all previously stamped cards.. this is in no way to be construed as 'used' cares or 2nd hand, these are ones there were lovingly crafted and never seen but a few lucky people who got one of these. (another point.. I don't make just one card...ever.. I usually set it up for multiples..usually 4) I am in awe of those who crank out those wonderful extraordinary cards! If I tried to do those, in my usual manner, I would never get anything else done. lol

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