Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello again

Yes, I'm still here.  Haven't had much time for blogging/stamping in the past few months.  So much has happened.  DH retired/new job/location change.  Middle daughter graduated from high school.  House to clean/fix ready to sell(and let me tell you..junk reproduces in porportion to how long it has been left unsupervised).  My poor craft room sits there abandoned and alone, filled with extra boxes of junk I need to go through.  Luckily...the end of the tunnel is in sight and I plan on getting back into the stamp of things next week.  The dust will finally settle for a bit and allow me time to get some cards stamped!  (my stash is horribly depleted..I've been resorting to cards from work!) So cross off the 'fell off the earth' theory..I'll be posting soon.

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