Friday, April 6, 2007

We came, We saw, We shopped!

This week was Spring Break for the kids and me. Soo, the trip that we had put off 2 months ago finally became a reality! Mall of America here we come! We walked and walked! One of the sales clerks said that if you walk all the way around one level its a mile. I believe it.

But my daughter had a great belated 16th. She and her friend that came shopped until they literally dropped. We got up there and it was snowing! We froze! We had brought warm jackets, but with the wind chill it didn't help us much.

Ok, so that was soo last weeks news.. Sorry y'all, but I have been battling the mother of all colds. I don't usually get sick ( and this is the first one this year) so when I do succumb, its usually a dozie. Easter came and went with me sleeping most of it away. I'm about at 60% right now..its hard to totally stop and recover when you are a mother. Anywho, have not done any stamping lately (going through major withdrawals). Hope to have stuff up and running again by next week.

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